“Unbreakable Security Shields” NEW!

Clear and unbreakable shields over your existing glass.

We bond our clear, and unbreakable shields over your existing glass. Best of all DefenseLite is “virtually invisible”, inexpensive, and it works. We keep the bad guys out.

Keep Intruders OUT! No entry, no harm.

DefenseLite™ is our unbreakable security shield that protects your existing glass and is designed to deter, delay, and defeat forced entry. It is perfect for homes, office buildings, retail stores, and schools. It provides smash and grab and active shooter mitigation. We bond the crystal clear unbreakable shields over your existing windows and doors, which increases their strength by up to 250 times!

Benefits of DefenseLite Security Shields

  • 250x stronger than glass
  • Available in two ballistic protection options
  • Maintains curb appeal
  • Window shoppers and law enforcement can see into the store
  • Works 24 hours a day, even during business hours
  • Less expensive than gated solutions
  • UV coated system is built to last – 8 year warranty
  • Insulates the existing glass and reduces HVAC costs
  • Sealed panels prevent moisture and fogging
  • Interior sound levels are reduced - important for schools
  • Anti-scratch/graffiti shields available

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