Safety & Security Window Film

Passes the BS EN 356-P2A Security Glazing Test!

Invisible Protection… Peace of mind

It’s a dangerous world out there. Storms, earthquakes, explosions, vandalism —both natural and manmade disasters are on the rise worldwide and the consequences to people and property can range from unsightly to costly to deadly.

Help protect all your precious resources — human as well as financial — with safety and security window film. Made of a clear, heavy-duty polyester compound, safety and security window films provide a thin, transparent protective barrier against these threats.

Shatterproof offers protective window films
and glass-to-frame attachment systems that
help guard against:

  • Forced entry – makes it harder for thieves to “smash and grab” retail display merchandise
  • Accidental Breakage - helps reduce the likelihood of injury from broken glass
  • Bomb blast and severe weather – helps reduce damage and likelihood of injury from flying glass – Meets GSA Testing Standards
  • Graffiti – when vandals strike, the transparent film is peeled away –along with the graffiti

Adds security to all types of glass!

In addition to making laminated, tempered, and annealed glass much harder to penetrate, Shatterproof offers glass-to-frame attachment systems that help prevent intruders from kicking the glass out of your window and door frames.

Shatterproof is proud to install
LLumar safety and security window films

Many architects, building owners and facility managers trust LLumar to secure such treasured buildings and artifacts as the Vatican, Buckingham Palace, the U.S. Constitution, and hundreds of embassies and other official government facilities throughout the world. While you can’t always predict disaster, Shatterproof can help you prepare for it with LLumar security window film.